Research Projects 2018 Basic

Iyosayi Urhoghide FAMU ’19

Prostate Cancer Cell Count & Viability Assay with Macrocyclic Tetrapeptides

Mentor: Jane Aldrich, PhD

Asiah Cheek
Asiah Cheek EWC ’22

Patterns of Prostate Specific Antigen Bumps with Respect to Freedom from Biochemical Progression

Mentor: Nancy Mendenhall, MD

Gustavo Guzman
Gustavo Guzman EWC ’22

Risk Factors for Prostate Cancer and Health Research Perceptions Among Underrepresented Community-Recruited Men with Prostate Cancer

Mentor: Linda B. Cottler, PhD


Michael Noltion
Michael Noltion EWC ’20

The Effect of Metformin on Biochemical Control of Prostate Cancer After Proton Therapy

Mentor: Curtis Bryant, MD

Olufunmilayo Daudu
Olufunmilayo Daudu FAMU’ 20

The Anticancer Effects of Nitropyrrolins

Mentor: Yousong Ding, PhD


Ifeoma Ibe FAMU ’20

A quality review and content analysis of mobile applications for smoking cessation

Mentor: Ramzi Salloum, PhD

Samantha Joseph FAMU ’19

Examining  cost  variation  across  palliative  care  delivery  models  for  cancer  patients:  A  systematic  review

Mentor: Jinhai Stephen Huo, MD, PhD


Kayanna Jacobs FAMU ’19

The Impact of Infrastructure, Resources, and Expertise on Oncology Clinical Trials in Africa

Mentor: Folakemi T. Odedina, PhD

Samentha Etienne EWC ’19

Measures of quality of life in breast cancer patients who receive proton or radiation therapy

Mentor: Walter O’Dell, PhD


Brehanna Jacobs FAMU ’19

Abemaciclib and Doxorubicin Induce Synergistic Cell Killing and Reduce African American-Specific Prognostic Marker, KIFC1, in Mesenchymal Stem-like Subtype of Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

Mentor: Sihem Bihorel, PhD

James Menefee FAMU ’19

The Effect of Pro-oxidant exposure on Breast Cancer Cell Gene Expression

Mentor: Kevin D. Brown, PhD