In one of the most competitive applicant pools thus far, we have accepted 15 outstanding students to participate in the 2018 ReTOOL Summer Training Program!


Take a look at this year’s incredible cohort…

michael noltion

Through the program I hope to obtain more knowledge on prostate cancer while building a strong bond with my fellow cancer researchers


-Michael Noltion

Edward Waters College ’20


Gustavo Guzman

By participating in the 2018 ReTOOL program, I hope to gain a basis for conducting research in my career, as well as taking the first step towards pursuing a Ph.D.


-Gustavo Guzman

Edward Waters College ’20



I hope to advance my knowledge and skills in laboratory research, with a leadership mentality.


-Samentha Etienne

Edward Waters College ’19



By participating in the ReTOOL program, I hope to expand my knowledge and research skills as an aspiring health care professional.


-Iyosayi Urhoghide

Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University ’20



In participating in this program I hope to become more knowledgeable about the grey areas related to cancer Research


-Alyssa Gosling

Florida Memorial University ’19

Advanced ReTOOL ’18



By participating in the ReTOOL program , I hope to use what I learn to advance my skills and knowledge and apply it to my future endeavors.


-Ifeoma Ibe

Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University ’20




Participation in the ReTOOL Program afforded me a newfound confidence in my abilities as a researcher and allowed me to effectively collaborate with colleagues.


-Kyle Steen

Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University ’18

Basic ReTOOL ’16

Advanced ReTOOL ’18



I know that being a part of UF’s 2018 ReTOOL program will greatly improve my research techniques, enhance my leadership skills, and increase my research experience in my pursuits of an MD/PhD


-Karine David

Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University ’19

Advanced ReTOOL ’18




The ReTool program will prepare me for my first year of cancer research as a PhD student.


-Quiana Wilkerson-Vidal

University of Florida ’05

University of Alabama Huntsville PhD Candidate ’22

Advanced ReTOOL ’18




I hope to reach a higher level of understanding of science for this internship.


-James Nathan Menefee

Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University ’19




I am so excited to be a part of this research opportunity because I am eager to be exposed to different perspectives on health issues permeating our local community.



-Olufunmilayo ‘Funmi’ Daudu

Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University ’20




I hope that the UF retool program will help foster the necessary skills and knowledge that I will need as a future healthcare provider. I also hope to enhance my laboratory research skills.



-Samantha Joseph

Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University ’20




Every obstacle is an opportunity in disguise. Alongside faith, hard work, and determination, any dream can become a reality



-Kayanna Jacobs

Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University ’19




Education is the key to success. Striving for your goals is a lifelong commitment to bring forth self actualization. Throughout this summer, I want to learn better methods to aid my community and making it better for minority populations. In addition to this, I want to gain information that will aid in my personal and professional development.



-Brehanna Jacobs

Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University ’19




I’m most excited for this rare chance, especially as a freshman, to develop exceptional research skills that will create even greater opportunities for me in the near future.



-Asiah Cheek

Edward Waters College ’21