2016 Community Outreach

By: Nickyjeanna Aime

The first community outreach event that the ReTOOL students attended was the “All Men Summit” on Saturday, June 11 that took place in Darnell Cookman High School, Jacksonville.  The purpose of the “All Men’s Summit” is to provide awareness of prostate cancer to African American men, as well as provide additional information to how African American men can bring awareness to their loved ones.

“I believe if more African American were knowledgeable of prostate cancer and take the required preventable steps such as receiving health screenings and see a physician annually the rate of mortality of prostate cancer among African American men would decrease”, said Advanced ReTOOL student Olivia Moline.

The ReTOOL students had the opportunity to extend out surveys regarding the attendees’ opinion of what they have learned from the summit, hand out tickets for the raffle, as well as aide in cleaning the facility once the summit was over.  In addition, during the event the ReTOOL students had an opportunity to visit various displays and were able to receive information such as proper back posture, nutrition, and even health care.

Overall, the ReTOOL students enjoyed their first outreach experience and look forward to the next one!